About Heart Planet

We are a small publishing company with cautious desires to grow larger over time. Our aim is that our releases have something at heart.

Heart Planet wants to entertain, because it is good for people to relax, have fun and charge the mind. But we also want to talk about the serious aspects of life. We support all good forces that encourage us to act in order to prevent unnecessary use of resources, environmental destruction and abuse of fellow human beings and other species. We wish to promote love and empathy, rights to all animals, vegan lifestyle, sustainability and fair distribution of the planet’s resources.

Heart Planet’s publications can be borrowed at the library and purchased or ordered at the book stores and selected retailers. You are always welcome to order directly with us. Send an email to kontakt@heartplanet.dk and enter the desired title and number along with your name and the address to which the book should be sent. Shipping costs for Denmark are DKK 38, -. We confirm your purchase and ship the item together with an invoice to be paid via MobilePay or bank transfer.

If you have any questions about Heart Planet, we are always happy to receive an email or a call.

At the moment we regret to say that we do not have the resources to help with the development or production of ideas or to take in finished manuscripts for publishing.

Heart Planet editor Niels Jørgen Madsen is checking the first cover print for the Danish edition of The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly. The novel is about love, empathy, motherhood and sacrifice, but also intolerance, xenophobia and prejudice.