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Heart Planet is a small publishing company with careful ambitions of growing. 2017 begins with our first non-fiction book Veganer – Sådan kommer du i gang (Vegan – the way to get started) by journalist Karin Elrød. Our first publication  was the Karin’s first novel Sommerfuglearven (Buttefly Legacy) in 2013. The same year we proudly produced Sebastian Cordes’ collection of poems En endnu uvidendes dagbog (A yet Unknowing’s Diary. In 2015 Karin Elrød had her second novel ready for her expectant readers, Spind (Web). 

Heart Planet cares for the state of our planet, of which we are but keepers for coming generations. We aim to let the products that we sell, and the thoughts that we share with others on this site and elsewhere, reflect our concerns and hopes.

We strongly suggest you shop with thought for our limited ressources, save energy, re-use and recycle stuff when ever possible. Do not eat meat. Buy organic to reduce the impact of pesticides on your body and to save water. Buy Fair Trade to ensure that your fellow people get better working conditions and pay. We also encourage you to consider veganism as a way of living a healthy, climate friendly life without keeping any other animal incarcerated in stables or cages or using them for food, clothes, decoration or pleasure.